What new policies has Harvest adopted to protect its employees?

As you know we have moved exclusively to online and phone orders to limit patient time and exposures in stores across the country.

HR is coordinating with location and department managers to begin rolling out a Wellness Check Protocol at our locations. This will involve all employees confirming they are healthy and symptom free prior to each shift. In addition, we are encouraging all employees to take their own temperatures as part of this process prior to coming in for a shift. We have also ordered thermometers in bulk, and they will be arriving to stores as they become available. At that time, we will implement on site temperature checks which will be included in the Wellness Check Protocol.

We have ordered gloves in bulk, and they will be arriving to stores as available. Many of our locations already use gloves in the standard course of their jobs. Others have started wearing gloves in cash-handling or product handling processes during COVID-19.